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Coming Ready Or Not: Global Warning
by Trevor S. Bourn

An exciting blend of science fiction and political intrigue, Coming Ready Or Not by Trevor S. Bourn is a new novel readers will not want to miss. Set in Australia, it tells the story of a group of civilians and government officials who must confront the challenge of a worldwide social and environmental disaster. Is this impending doom the result of global warming, of alien invasion, or of international conspiracy? Read Coming Ready Or Not and you, like the rest of humanity, will soon find answers in the book that will challenge your understanding of current events and your old perceptions of reality. Reader beware: listen to the frogs!

About the Author:

Trevor S. Bourn comes from a large family in the English industrial city of Birmingham. As a young man, he immigrated to Australia, where he now lives with his wife. They have two sons and a daughter. He spent several years in the Royal Air Force and worked most of his life in the field of engineering. He enjoys traveling.

(2016, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review