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Come My Love

by Claudette T. Bourque


Kathleen’s life seems perfect: She is running a very successful business in Austin, Texas, and her boyfriend is crazy about her. But when Kathleen starts having a recurring nightmare in which she is the dying wife of a mysterious man, she begins to wonder if her life is really all that fulfilling.


This dissatisfaction leads Kathleen back to her childhood roots, Elm Bluff, Alabama, where she purchases a stately, and slightly rundown, Victorian mansion built by the handsome Dr. Matthew Stone in 1868—shortly before the death of his wife. One night during a rainstorm, Kathleen is shocked to see Dr. Stone walk into her bedroom. Could it really be him, or is he just a figment of her imagination? Kathleen will soon come to find that her new home is so much more than just a house—it’s a pathway to her future.


About the Author

Claudette T. Bourque was born in Ennis, Texas and grew up in Dallas and Austin. She currently resides in Pasadena, Texas. Claudette is a loving mother of two children and a grandmother of four. She has been passionate about writing since college.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review