Sex Is Not A Sin

By Stephen N. Grand, Ph.D.
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In Sex Is Not a Sin, Stephen N. Grand, Ph.D., offers an examination of numerous current social issues, ranging from the need for responsible and accurate sex education to the peacekeeping advantages of forming one world government. The first hald of Dr. Grands treatise addresses the consequences of religious prejudices and hypocrisy, particularly in regards to the increasing spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases. He then advances a proposition for a constitution of a new world government, which would be designed to ensure human rights and dignity across the planet. By retaining a measure of national sovereignty and diverse cultures while uniting under the larger world government for the good of all, world peace might be maintained. Sex Is Not a Sin challenges the reader to consider both personal actions and global politics as we seek to make the world a safer place.

About the Author

Stephen N. Grand, Ph.D., is a native of Czechoslovakia and now resides in New Jersey. He holds doctoral degrees in metaphysical theology and political science, and his interests include anthropology, theology, archeology, and philosophy. Dr. Grand is also the author of The Mysterious Dream Book, available from Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 138