The Dirty Flame: Book One The Chosen One

By Alisha Alana Mohammed
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The Dirty Flame: Book One: The Chosen One is a Y.A fantasy fiction, that engulfs the reader in a journey between good versus evil. Join Clara, The Chosen One as she figures out whether to use good or evil to fuel her flame. Walk beside Clara and the six others from the ancient prophecy as they seek to create a better world using The Dirty Flame. The characters are passionate, complex, powerful and delightful to be alongside as they work together in determining who to trust, who to fight, who to love, and when to reveal their vulnerabilities to one another. All this in an effort to create a world that they want. Read on as the book traverses action, betrayal, love, denial, mystery, suspense, comedy and plot twists that greatly intrigue readers.

About the Author

Alisha Alana Mohammed is a young author born in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago. She lives with her two pet cats, Cootie and Popo. Ever since she was little, she always looked for silver linings around her and soon enough adapted them in her stories, this creative optimism led to the creation of this book series in which power must be used for the good of mankind. She started this book around 2010 off of a childhood dream she had. This extended writing period was due to her studying to become a pulmonologist, right before she transferred to obtaining a BSc Double Major in Mathematics and Biology, instead in U.W.I St Augustine, Trinidad. In her free time she writes stories ,screenwrites, models, sings, designs, illustrates drawings, and paints all while running her online business I AM's Art studio and store.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 192