Saphuna Of The Moon

By Grant G. Ohlund
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The Gods chose Saphuna to be the High Priestess. Of all the candidates, only Saphuna proved to be worthy after intense training and an even more intense, and deadly, final challenge. Part political leader, part warrior, Saphuna is destined to be one of the most powerful beings on her planet, and possibly in the entire universe.

When a betrayal at the highest ranks combines with a plot by an immense evil, Saphuna must fight back with the aid of an elite force of soldiers. Together, they must face a threat unlike any they have seen before, a threat that could end all life on their planet quickly and without remorse. Can Saphuna stand up to the greatest threat her planet has faced in hundreds of years? Will she prove to be worthy of the throne of the High Priestess?

About the Author

Grant G. Ohlund is a writer, a big fan of anime, and a gamer who happens to love specific series. He would love to talk to you about all of his various interests should he ever have the chance to meet you.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 162