The Wild Boy Series: Book One: The Battle Maid

By Claudia Callander
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Fifteen-year-old Karma is plagued by nightmares as she sleeps. During the day, she faces her own set of problems in the form of high school peers. Bullied; feeling alone and isolated, it is only in her imaginary world where she feels relevant. But as strange things begin happening in her small Adirondack town, it is becoming more and more clear that there’s more than meets the eye.

When she meets Drakkos, she is stunned to find he is the match for the Wild Boy she sees in her dreams every night. Soon, Karma will have to find out what secrets are hiding in the town, and what lurks in the shadows? With her new friend Portia and her brother Johnny, they discover a threat to our realm that only she can prevent at a great cost to herself.

To be continued in Book Two: The Valkyrie

About the Author

Claudia Callander is very involved with her family and supports organizations that fight injustices. She hopes that young adults and readers can empathize with her characters and enjoy their adventures.


"I purchased the book off Amazon and it is available at Barnes & Noble, and found it to be an interesting and enjoyable book to read.

If you are interested in Norse Mythology, the God Odin, Valhalla, The Valkyries Battle Maidens, the old Adirondack legends of the 19th Century lodges and their mysteries surrounding them, this is a book you will enjoy reading this book. The story centers around a young girl named Karma, bullied by her school peers, teachers, and the locals of a small Adirondack town.

Unaware, the young girl Karma has the blood of the God Odin in her veins. She begins to sense changes happening from nightmares, strange occurrences both at home and school, and no longer afraid of the bullies who torment her.

The author describes in detail the other main characters in the book, their lives, and how they relate to the young girl Karma, making the characters easy to identify with especially if you have ever spent time in the Adirondacks or lived in the country. The author leaves the reader in suspense as to what changes will occur with the young girl Karma, the family, the people in the town, and the powers she will possess. I am looking forward to the second book and I am sure I will enjoy it as much as the first." - Jon Lee (reviewed on Amazon | May 19, 2021)

Published: 2021
Page Count: 354