The Curse Of The Evil Mummy

By Steve Naumovski BSc
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A powerful, ancient mummy is unearthed by adventurers. Soon the mummy is poised to take over the modern world. The mummy’s powers over the global population prove more powerful than anything governments and leaders could have expected. The mummy asserts control over economies and armies. The mummy’s magic curses control the fate of the world, now faced with a power that is both ancient and nuclear.

About the Author

Steve Naumovski BSc was born in Perth, Australia. He was raised in Western Australia where he still resides. He is a writer, an engineer, and inventor. When not fine-tuning his novels and inventions, Steve may be found working out at the gym or reading. He also enjoys stamp and coin collecting. 

The Curse of the Evil Mummy is his third novel. His earlier books are Escape from the Asylum and Growing Up.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 130