Pluto Ii: Voyage To The Edge Of The Universe

By Paul D. Escudero
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Pluto II: Voyage to the Edge of the Universe takes us on the mission Pluto II, where an older man, Gregory Bissell, is recruited to travel to the edge of the Universe to help determine whether the Big Bang Theory has any merit or that Creative Design made the universe that has no limits. Gregory knows he's going on a super-top-secret mission that will be long, but he is not informed until he's heading out in space way beyond the solar system that he'll spend the rest of his life traveling in space. In essence he is Shanghai'd by the Lawrence Livermore Lab, who operates Project Pluto II.

This fictional account of an attempted voyage to the edge of the galaxy showcases some of the extraordinary capabilities the Livermore Lab working with Area 51 to create the essential parts for a mission that will transform society. Will there be racism with humanoids involvement with multicolored-skin Aliens? Is there an edge to the Universe or does it go on infinitely with an infinite number of planets, stars, galaxies, and civilizations? Is there a god? All these and more are here within these pages.

About the Author

Paul D. Escudero lives in San Diego, California, where he has enjoyed the weather and beaches since 1972. Working his entire adult life in electronics, including being associated with numerous government projects, allows him to craft a story with dimensions that only insiders could construct. He spends his spare time at the beaches in San Diego, where he enjoys the sights and the sounds associated with a daily holiday-like experience.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 442