Chloe's March

By Laura Pryor
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Chloe’s March is a book about the LBGTQ community; however, the author hopes that it will be embraced by all.

During summer camp, two teens, Andrea and Chloe, find each other and fall in love, but like so many things at that age, their relationship falls apart. Life moves on and so do they, but somehow life continues connecting them each with their pasts.

Chloe’s March allows readers a window into a delicate romance which illustrates the joy and pain that each life must endure to be happy.

About the Author

Laura Pryor was born and humbly raised in Springfield, Illinois. She loves history, especially studying Abraham Lincoln and the events surrounding his life and presidency. She is also is an advocate for pet adoption and enjoys supporting the World Wildlife Fund and the National Wildlife Federation.

Laura loves her family and friends, and considers the love of her partner one of her greatest achievements in life.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 186