Poetic Messages To Mankind: Messages Of Inspiration

By Rev. James B. Roberts
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In the daily grind of living, people hardly take into account the most important aspect of living, content to just drift along day by day. We live mostly devoid of meaning, while piling complaints about the most unlikely things.

In Poetic Messages to Mankind, Reverend James Roberts points to an alternative approach to living, one that is not far and out of reach by anyone. Taking stock of our lives and lifting that dusted Bible off its resting place might just be the simplest way to start great changes in our lives.

As Reverend Roberts says, this book could be a vehicle to help inspire people to convert their minds and to cultivate their principles, to help mold their conducts and characters to the highest teaching that can be derived from the teachings of spirituality.

About the Author

A resident of East Orange, New Jersey, Rev. James B. Roberts is an evangelical minister who travels doing lectures. He works with a small church in Newark, New Jersey. He sits on spiritual panels holding Bible discussions with groups of other ministers and leaders. His passion involves teaching the words of Christ. Rev. James B. Roberts is also a personal counselor who helps people on a one-on-one basis. Rev. James B. Roberts is an ordained minister and a community worker.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 36