Me And My Thoughts: Diary/Poetry Logs From My Realist View

By Ekayen Essien
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Many of us have quiet, lonely moments when we can reflect on an event, personal experience, tragedy, stories in the news, nostalgia, memories resurfacing, sad depressing moments, and happier times, too. What makes Me and My Thoughts interesting is that it is different, but not uncommon. These poems touch on moments many people have had at some stage in their life or might be experiencing right now, and they can relate to what Ekayen Essien was going through when she wrote each poem.

Me and My Thoughts helps us remember that we are not alone during those quiet storms in our hearts and minds, and we can relieve a lot of stress by just writing down what we are going through.

About the Author

Ekayen Essien enjoys reading, writing, poetry, watching movies, documentaries, reality shows, and motivational shows and speeches. She also likes fashion, dancing, shopping, selling on Ebay, web surfing and researching. She has a freelance writing diploma, a hospitality management associate’s degree, and a business management bachelor’s degree from Penn Foster College.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 126