Magnify Jesus

By Hazel Montgomery
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Magnify Jesus is about how Jesus makes a difference in our lives. Through poetry, skits and stories, God’s love is shown, and life lessons are learned. A series of skits teaches lessons from the Bible through puppet characters to be performed for Sunday school age children. Through all situations and trials, God’s word is the one constantly relevant answer and Magnify Jesus shows the importance of having Christ in our lives.

About the Author

Hazel Montgomery completed a writing course from the Connecticut Institute of Children’s Literature. She has attended commercial art class in Bristol, TN and has a poem listed in the Who’s Who book in the Library of Congress. Montgomery’s hobbies include sewing for family and friends, even teaching it at the Girls Club. She was a Sunday school teacher for 36 years and the chairman of the visitation committee for 13. After attending a Vatan school of crafts in Bristol, VA for sculpture, she produced a bust of Robert Kennedy. Later, Montgomery donated this sculpture to the Kennedy Memorial Foundation. She also has a technician’s license in amateur radio.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 80