To Roar Like The Lamb: A Study In Sharing One's Faith

By Arthur W. Fisher
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In the format of a Bible study, To Roar Like the Lamb, is about learning to share your faith, which may not be easy, but is precisely what the Lord wants us to do. This study is a guide. The author hopes the book is found to be helpful, particularly to those who are new to their faith.

About the Author

Arthur W. Fisher is a preacher and a teacher who has come to this vocation later in life. He spent a career as a management consultant within non-clinical departments in healthcare facilities (mostly hospitals). That career took him all over the country—mostly in smaller communities. It was during that time he developed a love for the “small church” as he visited many. Currently, he pastors a small, rural church in Florida.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 44