Rehearsing The Wonders Of God: (In My Life)

By Kay N. Jansen
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Rehearsing the Wonders of God (In MY Life) is a story about a poor abused girl, an unbeliever whose life changed dramatically into a life lived intentionally conscious of God's involvement in it, coupled with a deep desire to know Him more intimately. You will marvel at how ordinary Kay's life was and how extraordinary it became. You'll discover the marvelous wonders God performed to accomplish His purposes by bringing strangers together often by supernatural means.

God never stops working in our lives. In the Bible (that ancient book), events are detailed in the historical ways He revealed Himself to His creation, and to help persons find their purpose in their generation, but here you will hear testimonials from a living author. The miracles are current and authentic. The story is not just a "chatty account" of Kay's adventures but is a living witness of present words and deeds of Jesus Christ living in and through her to touch others' lives and to bring tremendous blessings to her own life. What Kay experienced, you can too, for God is "no respecter of persons."

About the Author

Kay N. Jansen’s most treasured hobby is her almost insatiable desire to learn. She is an avid reader; she enjoys all sorts of genres, some for leisure, some for knowledge and wisdom, and also for self-help. Though reared in a poor household, Kay was blessed to live only two blocks from a public library! Book rental was free as long as the book was returned on time. She has a nice soprano singing voice and belonged to two choral groups, with whom she went twice a week to inspire and entertain the folks in nursing/rehabilitation homes.

In her future, Kay looks forward to spending quality time with her six adult children, her thirteen grandkids, and her eight great-grandkids, fourteen more counting in-laws and bonus step-grandchildren. Kay is the only living member of her childhood family but will be blessed to spend eternity catching up with them. She’s earned two Master's degrees: Master of Theology in Biblical Studies and Master of Ministry in Christian Counseling, neither from which she benefitted professionally but both of which she benefits from daily as she interacts with people God sends her way!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 332