How Can They Say There Is No God, When The Evidence Is So Clear

By Barbara Crawford
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The author began journaling in 1985, maybe even earlier. She looked through her house, in closets and under the nightstand, discovering eight journals. She knew that discovery was of God. When she began reading the journals, she was in awe of how God was always there… and still is. How Can They Say There is No God, When the Evidence is so Clear is a journey through those miraculous journal entries and the author’s life – its ups and downs, its successes and failures, its joy and heartbreak. Through it all, God was there.

About the Author

Barbara Crawford comes from a military family. She and her husband were in the Air Force; their oldest son was in the Navy, their youngest son was in the Marines, and her daughter’s husband was in the Army. Since 2009, Crawford as volunteered with Veterans Empowering Veterans (VEV). Their mission is to assist homeless, disenfranchised, and low-income veterans to effectively transition back into society through self-empowerment, job, and life-skills training. This is one of her passions. While stationed at Columbus AFB, Mississippi, Crawford joined a prison and jail ministry, where she ministered at Parchman, Mississippi State Penitentiary. Her hobbies are reading, trying out new recipes from YouTube, traveling to see family and friends and faraway places. Crawford loves helping people when and wherever she can. This is another one of her passions.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 138