When Angels Walk The Earth, Lives Are Changed

By Ernest N. Love
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Do you ever feel like someones watching out for you? Have you ever been saved just in time from being harmed or making a grave mistake? The amazing and marvelous truth is that angels are real, and their mission is to serve as Gods messengers and our protectors. As such, all of those little incidents that happened just in time to save our lives were guided and directed by angels whose strength and direction was through the mighty hand of God.

Discover one mans encounter with his own guardian angels and look at other angelic meetings that occur in the Bible from Moses to Job to Hagar to learn more about God's special force of spiritual warriors. Every day, these ministering spirits are battling evil so that goodness can prevail, and when you begin to recognize the signs of their presence, you can start standing with them in prayer.

About the Author

Author Ernest N. Love was educated at Florida A&M University, where he received the Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science; and the University of Cincinnati, where he received the Master of Arts degree, in Industrial Relations (MAIR), from the Department of Economics. A devoted husband of forty-six years, father of three, grandfather of two, and Sunday school teacher for several years, he is passionate about sharing his faith experiences as an encouragement to others.

Published: 2016
Page Count: 148