Up From The Pit: The Holy Spirit And Sexual Addiction

By Dr. Pete Johnson
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Up from the Pit: The Holy Spirit and Sexual Addiction discusses the formation, struggle with, and recovery from Dr. Pete Johnson’s sexual addiction. It is rather unique in three basic ways. First, it is a publicized case history of a topic often hushed up. Second, Dr. Johnson’s recovery did not entail successfully using professional help. Instead, it was based on his faith in God and following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Third, it involves him as a born-again Christian being delivered of three demons.

Counselors and others helping sexual addicts deal with their problems can see a spiritual dimension that can be folded into treatment regimens. Hopefully this book will help others accept that they can be more open addressing sexual addictions, especially in Christian settings.

About the Author

Dr. Pete Johnson’s primary interest in adult life has been his family and teaching at the college level. He has taught various courses in psychology, ending with ones at a local community college at the end of 2020. His teaching was always centered around his fascination with human and animal behavior. That interest was why he has a Ph.D. and two master’s degrees in psychology.

Dr. Johnson has always had an interest in God even though he considered himself to be an atheistic agnostic for 49 years. After a conversion experience, his primary interest has been in working with other people to enhance their walks with Christ. He and his wife live a rather quiet life in a rural area of Nebraska. Both of them were previously married. Between them, they have six children and eleven grandchildren, scattered from Texas to Minnesota, and from New Hampshire to Hawaii. Dr. Johnson is not a big hobby person, although his younger years often were spent hiking, jogging, or canoeing. Now his time is more focused on being with friends and reading, although he does enjoy movies. He also is active with a local church and a ministry involving several local congregations.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 218