Touch Me, O Lord

By Pastor Veronica Odiase
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Touch Me, O Lord is about the power of God. Whoever the LORD touches his/her story will be changed from failure to success, from lack to abundance, from trials to triumph. You move from glory to glory. The interesting thing is people will now know how to count their blessings and they will now know how to use the scripture to pray for their situations and challenges and get a good result because there are fire and bondage-breaking prayer points in this book.

The message in this book is relevant because it hit home with many people out there. The message is encouraging and edifying. This book is unique and a game changer because it encourages, guides you to know how to use the bible to pray, helps you to know how to solve your problems, gives examples of the people who have been down the same road, and they testify to the goodness of God. The reader will be revived and empowered by reading Touch Me, O Lord.

About the Author

Pastor Veronica Odiase is a woman of God who loves people as Jesus loves. She loves to go from community to community, praying, feeding, and counseling people. She does a lot of outreach.

Pastor Odiase loves to walk around the neighborhood, and she is quick to talk to people. She loves evangelism, preaching the word of God to people. Her special interest is doing the work of God—she never gets enough of it. Family is her number-one priority because that is where the Church started. She has a 1st degree in accounting and a master’s degree in education, and she has been one of the teachers in the Newark Public School, New Jersey, for the past 24 years.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 92