To God Be The Glory: Healing From Satanic Ritual Abuse

By Co-Authors August Conners and April May
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This is a true story that is both heart-wrenching and inspirational. If April can heal after living through a horrific childhood of satanic ritual abuse it then offers hope to other survivors of abuse. While detailing the difficult and miraculous God given plan to enable freedom from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abuse, this book also offers hope and practical advice for survivors, pastors, and support people. Since it is often difficult for survivors to find and be able to afford professional counselors to facilitate healing, the authors offer hope through the Great Physician for whom no healing is impossible. There are also answers to many questions about God including why He allows suffering.

About the Author

Layperson August Connors and satanic cult survivor April May tell a compelling and inspirational story of how God can use untrained and ordinary individuals for His purpose and glory and for their healing. First memories of sexual abuse surfaced and were then followed with flashbacks of satanic rituals. Finding no one who was trained to deal with healing this degree of trauma, April May began to pray desperately that God would send her help. The answered prayer began with the entrance of a pastor who was willing to help. That same pastor then asked if August Connors and his wife would lend support. The kind of support that August Connors was able to give through God’s help, though untrained in counseling and terrified to be responsible for another’s healing, was unshakeable faith and a heart with compassion for others. Scripture is full of unlikely individuals whom God was able to use simply because of their faith in Him. It took many, many years to heal but both AC and AM are now living healthy happy lives. Both look for ways to support their local church. While April enjoys crafts, both her and AC enjoy travel, photography and the natural world. With emotional healing behind her, April is focusing now on her spiritual growth by way of bible studies and her own devotional time in God’s word.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 334