Through The Door Of Hope! A True Story As Told By Marinda Griebenouw

By Marelise Bekker
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This is a testimony of a battle in difficult times and where a death sentence makes your emotions run like wild horses in the desert. How can God allow this to happen? But He is our Hope in Life and Death!

Through the Door of Hope shows us that God's mercy is still active in our times, working miracles even for those who are given virtually no chance of life through conventional medicine.

In Through the Door of Hope, Marelise recounts the story of a friend, Marinda Griebenouw, who should have died a few years ago, first from an acute form of Leukemia, then later from other forms of cancer, but remains as a living witness to the healing power of God.

This is a disease that everyone fears ... and we are vulnerable to it at any age, with an estimated 8 million annual deaths (13% of all human deaths). World-wide, some of the best minds are working to find the elusive triggers of the unregulated cell growth that defines this disease with many faces.

Through the Door of Hope is a journey with beautiful testimonies of the realities in relationship with the living God. Experience Abba Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit; making the unbelievable, believable!

Through the Door of Hope is a revelation that we need to share.

About the Author

Marelise Bekker is an educator and youth worker in her native country of South Africa. She is happily married to Van Zyl with three children and lives in Queenstown, in the beautiful Eastern Cape Province. She has a passion for children, and uses experiential learning to help people with emotional baggage.

Nature is her consulting room where God, our creator, uses all her activities and experiences to lead troubled youths and adults to discover how unique and special they really are! In the journey of writing this book, God spoke to Marelise through revelations and prophetic words, which also touched her life.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 78