Things To Consider Before Calling Yourself A Christian

By James A. Shaw, MD
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Dr. Shaw's, Things to Consider Before Calling Yourself a Christian, offers a critical examination of the historical origins of the Christian Church and insightful analyses of doctrine and metaphysical precepts embraced by the Christian faith. As noted by Shaw, factually unsupported faith-based beliefs form the basis of all religions, including Christianity. This short book provides the reader with a well researched foundation from which to pursue his or her own inquiry into the history of Christianity, as well as focusing discussions for personal introspection. Lighthearted quotations, anecdotes and commentary provide humorous interludes throughout the text.

About the Author

Dr. Shaw is a recently retired academic surgeon with thirty-plus years of teaching, writing, and lecturing experience, accompanying an active clinical practice. In addition to a medical degree he holds a bachelor's and master's degree in mechanical engineering. He enjoys studying history of all types, particularly US history and the history and origins of religion. He is an outdoor recreational enthusiast and hopes to visit every corner of the world before he dies.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 114