There Is Light

By Lynn Garry
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Love, Light, truth, fear, chaos. What do these terms mean to us? Emotions, perceptions, states of being? There is Light explores the idea that these terms represent choices, two choices to be precise: Love or fear?

Throughout our lives we find ourselves faced with choices, lessons, experiences. These instances often leave us asking questions about ourselves and the world. How did I get here? What is happening in the world? Why do I feel this way? How are we changing?

We look at how our world is changing and we can become disheartened. But by choosing to live in Love and Light, being in our heart, we are given an opportunity to grow. This book is a starting guide to how living in Love and Light can help us to rise above the chaos of this world. It is about using tools to stay out of fear, creating in Love, and finding our own answers to these questions.

About the Author

Lynn Garry's purpose for her new journey as an author is not to lecture nor to provide the answers. It is to explore lessons and offer tools and practices to help readers and students find the truth for themselves. Her goal is that readers receive the information they need and that this provides a stepping stone for them to live in Light and Love if they so choose.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 88