The Riddles Of Africa Folk Souls: Road To National Identity & Values

By Max O. Thompson-Eleogu
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We are living in a period where the old age is dying, and the new age is not yet born. We must ask ourselves these questions. What is an authentic lifestyle? What is the proper social order? These are significant questions, and as crucial as they are, they need answers and answers that are true. Rather, the consensus is that these answers are beyond the apprehension of Africans. Other questions covered in this book are: What is the human soul? Why do we suffer from the disintegration of the soul? Are we truly free or dependent on the iron rule of the machine world? What is cosmic thought and its relation to human soul? What is the problem of intuitive flash and the myth of Western modernity?

What is national identity and values? These questions have their root in the symptom of disrupted historical period that plagued the world and the entire continent of Africa. The plague obliterated our ways of life, and it was replaced with a machine world which denied us of the mysteries of the living earth and the human soul. Currently, this plague continues to haunt us because post-colonial African states were born out of this plague. In this book, I believed that the problem of Africa could be resolved in placing it in a wider context of world historical consciousness because Africa is a part of the world and its crisis.

About the Author

Max O. Thompson-Eleogu is a native Nigerian, who lives and was schooled in the United States of America, for both his undergraduate program and graduate program. He authored the book AFRICA---THE ROAD TO AFRO-MODERNITY. He is a Distinguished Fellow and founder of NobbleAfriq Institute, a select and innovative think-tank, whose trajectory is the transformation of African politics and its people. He was trained as a philosopher with an unwavering interest in African philosophy, African American philosophy and Continental philosophy. His other interests include African Mysticism and Spiritualism.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 126