Two Books in One: The Public Cartel Of Texas Auctioneers / The Psychopathic Church Council

By Charlie Jack Dean
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Two Books in One

  1. The Public Cartel of Texas Auctioneers
  2. The Psychopathic Church Council

Once upon a time there was a Nice Church with a lot of nice people. Over time a problem developed. The Council of the Nice Church became pervasive in its effect (having control over people and events), yet nowhere in its responsibility (not being accountable or accepting blame). The Council’s actions, its pattern and practice, made it particularly unapproachable and difficult to interact with. This made nice people feel left out and betrayed. The Nice Church also failed to adequately serve its community.

In Two Books in One, author Charlie Jack Dean presents to us auction material, which is based on facts about auctioneers and auction business, and also church material, which is based on his disillusion with churches, but not necessarily with religion itself.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 104