The Meditation Of God's Word From The Holy Spirit: (365 Days Of Inspiring Word Of God)

By Dr. Margaret A. Holladay
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The Meditation of God's Word from the Holy Spirit was told to the author by the Holy Spirit. The author prays that all who read this book will love the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved by the Holy Spirit. Believe and trust in God and the Holy Spirit. He is alive and is always there to guide you in the right way.

For each one of us, God is writing a book on our life those that are still living and those that are passed on, their book is finished. God is the author of our life from the time we were born. Remember Jeremiah, God knew him before he was in his mothers womb. We are pilgrims visiting here on Earth. When our journey is over, and if youre saved by Christ Jesus, then our citizenship is in heaven.

About the Author

Dr. Margaret A. Holladay is married to Stephen B. Holladay. She has a doctorate degree in Theology from The Kingdom of God Apostolic & Prophetic Ministries International Bible College in Sacramento, California. She has spoken at many conferences, has given many sermons at churches, and has taught Bible studies and Sunday School. She was the superintendent over Sunday School and Youth Ministries, minister of healing, and a Christian Counselor.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 386