The God Knot

By HC Potter with GH Moore D Min
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Undone by Religiosity Origins and Cycles

The origin of evil has been the deepest problem of life. It confronts every human being in one form or other.

If there is one question which has eluded all investigations of the keenest intellects of all lands and all times; if there is one problem which has called forth volumes of writings from the profoundest of thinkers; if there is one riddle that has baffled all attempts of the sages at solving it; if there is one problem on which the last word yet remains to be said, despite the world’s voluminous literature of some ten and twenty centuries—it is the problem of the existence of evil.

Inspired by recent books disparaging religion, many of which use exemplary human foibles to make their case and show a common disregard for historical background, The God Knot corrects their failings and instead provides a surprisingly simple answer to the ages-old theodicy question: How is God compatible with evil?

About the Author

H C Potter has enjoyed an accomplished professional life that began with an undergraduate degree in physics, a master’s from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and a PhD from Cornell University.

His countless professional accomplishments include designing semiconductors and analyzing integrated circuits at the Bell Telephone Laboratory in Reading, Pennsylvania, and Murray Hill, New Jersey, and studying wireless networks, Java programming, and database development.

He is the proud father of two daughters, D.R. Potter and C.M. Potter-Aponte-Edwards-Minteer, both of whom have helped make his world a better place.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 390