The Future At Face Value

By Dale TerHaar
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Author Dale TerHaar studied for the ministry at Liberty University School of Life Long Learning. Dale has studied the Bible all his life and the second coming of Jesus in particular since 2000.

Theologians are excited about the end of the age and the soon coming Rapture. However they seem to be changing their story which is becoming more and more like Dales doctrine. Everyone is interested in the approximate time the Rapture will take place and how much more persecution the Christians will have to endure. The author does not set any dates but clearly shows the things that must happen just before the Rapture takes place.

Our redemption in the Day of the Lord is a part of the Gospel message and is an important doctrine all Christians share. Dale exposes why this Gospel lesson is so important and relevant for todays believers in simple to understand language. This book will enable believers to strengthen their resolve to live for Christ in the times of trouble we live in today.

Dale has titled his book The Future at Face Value because he interprets the Scriptures at face value. The Bible and the book of Revelation become very easy to understand when interpreted literally. Dale also makes sure that Scripture verses are not quoted out of the context in which they were written. In other words the Bible is only interpreted literally and at face value which is very refreshing for the reader.

The reader will be delighted by the relevancy of Christs second coming and uniqueness of understanding the Bible literally.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 158