The Family According To God's Plan

By Erick Descopin
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About the Author

It is with intense joy and a deep sense of gratitude that I recommend to you this practical, inspired and indispensable book that can contribute to the happiness of your family. This practical guide: The Family According to God's Plan is a source of inspiration and tireless information dealing with the various problems facing families in today's society. Considering the erosion of social values, the author proposes, from a spiritual perspective, to give you advice that can make you the best father or the best mother in your family.

May this work of art be your favorite book and your family advisor. It is not only a book but also a treasure. Whatever the problem that arises within your family, whether moral, sentimental or spiritual, the answer will be found inside this book.

If, however, you need a book that can help you overcome your family problems, if you have problems with your teenager and if your life as a couple is in distress, in other words, whatever the situation you are going through in your marriage, I offer you this book The Family According to God's Plan.

About the Author

Erick Descopin, Preacher, Pastor and Guest Speaker. In 2011, he studied at the Evangelical Theology Seminary of port-au-prince (STEP) Bachelor program. Pastor Descopin has obtained a Bachelor's degree in Theology from the New Hope Coalition Bible Seminary via Cornerstone Christian University in the USA. He is a Member of the Pastoral staff at the Haitian Baptist Church of Bethesda Hyde Park MA. God has used his servant powerfully in the ministry of preaching. He had the happy privilege to preach the word of God all over the United States of America, such as: New York, New Jersey, Boston, Florida and North Carolina. 1998-2000, he studied at INAGHEI. Pasteur Descopin holds a Bachelor's degree in Administration and Accounting. 2008-2015 he worked at the University Lumière (ULUM) As General Administrator. Married to Marie Thérèse T. Cham, Pasteur Descopin is a father of three children: Bertille, Dana and Rendy. Pastor Erick Descopin recognizes the greatness of God in his life, and for that, he has offered his service to families all over the world, with his book: Family According to God's Plan.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 210