The Counterfeit Church

By Tom Linn
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The Counterfeit Church will try to shed light on what the Bible refers to as those who come in the Name of Jesus and without knowing the reason behind following traditions while at the same time disregarding the written Word and placing themselves above the church that God started. God had His apostles write that the church was not to divide. (1 Cor. 1:10-13) The church is believers who are committed to the apostles’ teaching. What has happened is not that the church has gone astray; it is that a loud, boisterous harlot has been claiming to be her and has confused the masses, so to speak. The Bible says to study to show that you are saved and that by knowing the truth, the truth will set you free. So many know so little, that it proves they have never actually received the Word of God; rather they accepted the counterfeit, let a man be their leader, and tossed truth to the side. This is hopefully a wake-up call. Them who escape those who live in error do it narrowly.

About the Author

Tom Linn was born into a very Catholic family in 1957. He found that all of what he believed had no basis in the Bible – no purgatory, praying to Mary, other dead believers, Ash Wednesday, popes, cardinals; all were made up by man. He decided that he wanted to know the truth and asked God to accept it as his burden, to make sure he was going to know the truth. From that day forward, God made sure he was in the Word daily and, ever since, he has never missed a day of Bible study.

Published: 2018
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