The Case Against Atheism

By William A. Ortiz
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While intellectuals and academics would have you believe that modern science has somehow proved the idea of a divine presence in the universe a human fallacy and that there is no evidence at all to suggest that the universe was created with a purpose, William A. Ortiz argues clearly that the academic establishment and scientific societies pursue an atheist theology with intentional bias and malice. Having now painted themselves into a corner, the establishment sabotages the advancement of both scientific and philosophic understanding by clinging to an outdated and already falsified model of the universe.

Equal parts scientific inquiry, theosophy, and political manifesto, The Case Against Atheism: A 21st Century Look at the Holy Spirit will show the reader true understanding of just how obvious the presence of the divine spirit and the universal will is demonstrated in our everyday lives.

About the Author

Born in 1967 in the Bronx, New York City, William A. Ortiz was, like most Puerto Rican children, baptized in the name of Christ. However, because his mother disagreed with organized religion, he never had to attend any church services or Sunday school. After a short period in New Jersey, William moved to Long Island, and he grew up in a quiet suburban town with his two brothers. He joined the Air Force in 1987. He has been a career manager for different corporations for most of his adult life.

William has two children, Alexander and Skye. He has never ceased to explore the most important and current theories in both science and history and how they reflect upon the current political climate of our world.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 42