The Basics Of Christianity

By Robert Kelsey
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And now for the rest of the story. The Basics of Christianity remedies the fact that most Sunday morning sermons fall far short of telling the whole story for the simple fact that most of the tellers don’t know the whole story. If one has a desire to be a Serious Minded Christian, it is important to hear the whole story, and how one is to apply this information to one’s life.

About the Author

Robert Kelsey is a retired pipeline, oilfield welder and inspector. He has always had an interest in reading the Bible but couldn’t make much sense of it until he was given a modern English language Bible where he found out that it is basically a copy of a contract, covenant, or testament between God and man. Paul Harvey told Robert one day that if he would spend fifteen minutes a day studying any given subject, he would be an expert in that area in two years. Robert increased the time and set out to spend at least two hours studying the Bible every day and had done so for more than ten years to date. The two most important revelations he has received are the fact that God poured out His Spirit on men, to make His words know to us (Proverbs 1:23), and it is to our advantage to have the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him working in our lives (Proverbs 1:17–20). Jesus has given to us the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and it is what we choose to do with those keys that opens our understanding to what the Bible is saying to us.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 246