Sex Is Sacred: Spirituality Vs. Religion

By Pastor Dolores B. Jones
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Sex Is Sacred is an expos on the biblical stories of Genesis by Rev. Dr. Jones, which provides a groundbreaking perspective on the ideology of sex as depicted in the Bible. The purpose of this study is to give freethinking adults an opportunity to reconnect with the Church where they have become increasingly uncomfortable, or simply find a new spirituality. To quote the author, Young adults are tired of the same old doctrine of Hell, sin, and abstinence.

God commanded, Be fruitful and multiply. As evidenced by the Ten Commandments, while he had a problem with married persons straying outside marriage, he did not speak to the sex lives of consenting single adults. After all, sex is the source of our existence; therefore, why should it be considered sinful, vile, or dirty?

Reverend Jones encourages the Church to move forward into the twenty-first century, and not profess religious beliefs that are not in line with the real biblical stories. God did not see sex as a sin against him, then why should the Church?

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Jones is the Senior Pastor and founder of Love Outreach Ministries Church of Richmond, VA.

She was ordained in 1989, becoming heavily involved in work with at-risk inner city children. Former President Bush recognized her work under the 1,000 Points of Life Program in 1992. She later established the largest childhood learning center in Richmond, receiving the J. C. Penney Golden Rule Award for community service.

She is also a published writer with articles featured in the Washington Post, the Richmond Metropolitan Observer, and the Louisville Courier Times.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 146