Seeking The Lost, Keeping Them, Making Them Disciples

By Dr. Benoit Petit-Homme
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God bless Dr. Benoit Petit-Homme for all the work he has done in putting this book together. I believe that any church or leader who will follow these biblically-grounded principles will see beautiful results in changed lives for the kingdom.

Teresa L. Reeve, PhD, Associate Dean, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Associate Professor of New Testament Contexts, Andrews University, United States of America

Dr. Benoit Petit-Homme’s contribution to the discipleship crisis is a compelling re-examination of scripture, church history, and 21st century pastoral experience. Practical and convincing, his straightforward style brings real solutions to the evangelistic Achilles’ heels of attrition. He reminds us of what has been forgotten and calls us back to our relational roots.

Pr. Ron Kelly, Senior Pastor, Village Seventh-day Adventist Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan, United States of America

Seeking the Lost, Keeping Them, Making Them Disciples by Dr. Benoit Petit-Homme is a handy Christ-based discipleship resource that will contribute to the mission of training and equipping church ministry leaders in the evangelistic work of reaping, retaining, and nurturing new believing Christians. This is a must-read for church officers, pastors, and ministry directors in the Christian church.

Ron C. Smith, PhD., D.Min, President, Southern Union Conference of SDA

Every year, many thousands of people hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and choose to be baptized and join a church community. Unfortunately, it is also true that every year many new converts leave a church relatively shortly after joining. The specific reasons that each person leaves the church could fill a book by themselves, but they all boil down to one thing: a lack of focus on the part of the church community on turning converts into disciples of our Savior.

A disciple of Christ does more than attend church services. A disciple is an active member of the church community. A disciple is a witness to others. A disciple seeks to grow the church by seeking to lead everyone they meet to Christ. Dr. Benoit Petit-Homme is a committed disciple of Christ, and after extensive study of exactly why new converts leave the church, he has developed a process by which any church can make disciples. All it takes is a little extra work, a bit of encouragement, and an unwavering faith in the Lord.

About the Author

Dr. Benoit Petit-Homme is an Adventist Christian Minister who loves preaching, teaching, and mentoring. He has spent the past several years conducting Christ-centered evangelistic series, workshops, and seminars in the U.S. and abroad. He believes that the more he knows, the better he can serve God, and he enjoys fostering that belief in others. He lives with his wife, Carolle, and has two sons, Carl and Berny. He holds a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min), a Master in Divinity (MDiv), and a BA in Economics.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 200