Prescription Of Repentance

By Carla Newbern Thomas, MD
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Used as a spiritual tool, Prescription of Repentance shows how repentance can be an invaluable source of healing. Carla Newbern Thomas, MD, encourages those who suffer from both mental and physical ailments to look to Christ as their healer rather than immediately turning to pills and manmade remedies. Through repentance and submission to Gods Almighty power, humankind will find the reprieve and healing for which they search.

About the Author

Carla Newbern Thomas, MD, lives in Alabama with her husband and has four children (one in heaven, three on earth). She earned her bachelor of science degree in molecular biophysics and biochemistry at Yale University and her MD at Harvard University. She currently practices medicine as a physician and belongs to several clubs and organizations, including the Rotary Club, Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry, and St. Luke Orthodox Mission.

Published: 2008
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