My Old Testament Journey

By Mathius
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My Old Testament Journey will help readers personally discover that they have an inner God. Realize as author Mathius did that this voice is actually here to help us, not steer us in a direction that leads to misery or even death. Also, we can learn to listen to our inner voice, for this voice will help us out of situations we may be facing. See for yourself how important it is to meditate about life as often per day as you can.

About the Author

Mathius currently resides in a metropolis within Colorado, USA. He has resided in Colorado for most of his life. Spiritualism and the concept thereof has always been at the top of his favorite subjects. Growing up he has always been connected to his personal spiritual self. Mathius writes poetry on a regular basis. He is a writer who truly feels there is a deep connection to the pen-to-paper style of writing.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 306