Motivational Gifts: Discovering The Motivation Behind Who You Are And What You Do

By Jean-Marc Louise
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Have you ever thought, "what makes us tick?" or "why are we wired a certain way?" Have you ever compared yourself to your siblings and wondered why you are so different in personality and have different interests and desires? Yet, you were born of the same parents, given the same upbringing and been taught the same principles and practices of life as they? Have you ever noticed why you and your spouse are on different wavelengths and never seem to see eye-to-eye on the way you do things? As much as you try to change how they are to how you would like them to be, it never works out. Have you ever recognised what you are good at and what motivates you to action as compared to those around you who do not feel moved in the same way? Have you ever considered why colleagues excel effortlessly whilst you have to apply yourself far more in the same discipline or in the same line of work to reach the same goal? Or perhaps, you have found yourself gravitating towards certain types of people whilst avoiding others who appear incompatible with you in character. So much of what we are in person can be attributed to the motivational gifts that exist within the makeup of our personality. These gifts not only define who we are, but crucially, it unveils the truth behind what motivates us to engage in the complexities of life.

My hope and prayers are that you, the reader, would fully grasp the importance of motivational gifts and understand their underlying influence in our lives. Secondly, I hope it will teach you tolerance of others, particularly those who are motivated differently from you. Finally, you will learn to identify the gifts that reside in others and, by doing so, draw from their strength, particularly in the areas where you lack. Each believer in Christ should aim to become like Jesus, who functions in all the gifts in perfect equilibrium.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 60