By Zorka Levačić-Vidović
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Zorka Levačić-Vidović, from Croatia, was born in Varaždin in 1955; she used to live in Čakovec and she is presently living in Dalmatia. She is married to Andrija Juričić. With deceased husband (Stjepan Vidović) she has a son, Tomislav Vidović (1975) and she is grandmother of Asja (2002) and Jakša (1999). Her daughter-in-law is Karmen Cecarko-Vidović. Up to now, she has published Yasmin's Voyage (Jasminino putovanje), Analytical Overview of New Testament and Revelation (Analitički pregled Novoga zavjeta i Otkrivenja), Biblical Lexicon and Genealogies (Biblijski leksikon i rodoslovlja) - (Lexicon processed more than 3,500 biblical terms- etimological, geographical, historical, theological...). She worked on Lexicon alone more than 12 years. Her books and Lexicon are published in Croatia. She was as well a political satire columnist for a regional weekly newspaper. In addition, some of her poems were published and some of her short theatrical plays staged.

About the Author

“I feel obliged to thank Prof. Aleksandar Roža for translation my novel, Joshua, then the reviewers, to Aleksandar Roža and theol. Timothy-Ivan Špičak, for their efforts to read the novel and write reviews, and to Prof. Zdravko Konecky, who first read my novel, Joshua and gave me the "green light" for its publication and to his son Dr. Mladen Konecky for making the cover. Nothing less I am grateful to the publishing house, Dorrance Publishing Co., who accepted my novel, Joshua, and published it. But special thanks to the greater support at every step belongs to my husband, Andrija Juričić.”

- Zorka Levačić-Vidović

Published: 2019
Page Count: 356