Industrial Statistics: Professional Journey

By Babu
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Industrial Statistics is about a new technology to replace the traditional statistical process control method. Quality decisions are made based on inspection data of one variable, this is a data dependent process. Industrial statistics is based on artificial intelligence or a mathematical model. This hybrid technology helps to plan and tailor manufacturing processes with quality attributes that deliver quality products consistently every time. There is no need for separate data analysis, if needed there is a provision for data analysis using the inspection data by the operator during the production process.

With both customers and users in mind, Industrial Statistics sheds light on various components of the manufacturing industry and how the latest technology can be used to make quality products for reduced cost. Using the artificial intelligence of industrial statistics does not require any data from the manufactured products. It is a proactive process control method, and this is the first book in the world to detail such a method.

About the Author

Babu is graduated from Government of Kerala, India, Department of Technical Education, Diploma in Engineering (Automobile) and has more than 35 plus years of experience in various manufacturing industries. After retiring, he has decided to do something for the industrial community that will help them to ease the manufacturing process with freedom to do their assigned work with pride in quality and workmanship. This passion drove him to invent industrial statistics.

Babu believes all his activities in both professional and spiritual life are guided by the Holy Spirit. His special interest is to serve the community in whatever ways possible. He served as a senior citizen commissioner in the city of Cypress for almost four years, conducting a survey to determine the needs of the seniors and proposed suggestions to the council for action. He also was the 3rd Vice Chairman of the SME, Orange County Chapter #119 and he was selected as the instructor to teach the manufacturing students at the California State University, Fullerton, who are taking tests as certified Manufacturing Engineers, and continued that position for three years until the program was discontinued by the State government. He has also worked to organize annual picnics with activities for children and adults alike as well as charity work to raise money to help those in need after a disaster.

He has a wife and three children and five grandchildren and his wife is a retired nursing supervisor from the local hospital.

Published: 2005
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