In The African-American Culture, What Makes Preachers And/Or Pastors Great?

By J. William Poole
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What makes preachers and/or pastors in the African American culture great is that they lead by example. Utilizing the talents of others through challenging, inspiring, not enabling, modeling and encouraging.

To illustrate these leadership techniques, J. William Poole’s In the African-American Culture, What Makes Preachers and/or Pastors Great? examines the characteristics of “great pastors and/or preachers.”

Thus, John provides a section were the lives and work of four renowned Afro-

American preachers and/or pastors are presented. The lives of the four exemplify personal integrity and flexibility, great team builders with a sense of direction with great faith, commitment and great joy in ministry. Through the Holy Spirit, they found and followed God’s Plan for their lives.

The four are Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, Dr. L. Venchael Booth, Dr. Edward Victor Hill and Dr. Gardner C. Taylor. Thus, preaching the faith, for many the faithful is exemplified.

About the Author

Born in Chicago, Illinois, J. William Poole received a Bachelors of Business Administration, with a major in accounting and economics; minor in English from the University of Cincinnati, completing the five-year program in three years; a Bachelor of Art in Bible Study from the Temple Bible College,

Cincinnati, Ohio; a Master of Arts in Religion-Pastoral

leadership studies from the Cincinnati Christian Seminary. Further studies include a Ph.D. in Heath Care Management and education from the Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Now retired, he was a former President and CEO of Tekaho, Inc., a corporation owning and operating long term care facilities in Cincinnati. He was a licensed nursing home administrator for more than 43 years.

John is a deacon emeritus (over thirty years of service) and a Baptist minister at the Zion Baptist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, for more than ten years. John is also a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and Chaplain volunteer at the Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

John is past president of Delta Gamma Lambda Chapter, a life member of the Alpha Pi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and a 32nd degree Prince Hall Mason.

Published: 2018
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