He Knows And Still Loves Us

By Tina Aguilera
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He Knows and Still Loves Us is a book of devotionals that the author has written over the course of years, compiled into this volume. Aguilera, like many people, had only learned about a frigid, uncaring, and almost vicious God. But when she gave her life to Him, she learned what she was missing. She now hopes these devotions will share with the world who God really is and how wonderful His love can be. He is a constant inspiration and His love is limitless.

About the Author

Tina Aguilera lives in the tiny town of Kellyville, Oklahoma, but is originally from northern California. She moved to Kellyville to start a new life in the summer of 1999. Two years later, she met her husband and they have been married for thirteen years. They love to go fishing and have eight fur-babies, one dog and seven cats. They both drove eighteen-wheelers for years, but she has since stopped working. They hope to move back to California where all of her family and half of her husband’s family is from.

Aguilera joined the U.S. Navy in 1991. When en route to the Persian Gulf, she was seriously injured. This was the cause of her retirement. This led also to the journey to find her Savior and Creator. She gave her heart to God in 2008 and was baptized a year later. Aguilera had a difficult childhood and was given a second set of parents at fourteen. She believes that they are a gift from God. They taught her to always keep her curiosity fresh.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 152