God, Our Servant

By Rev. Richard W. Ames
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The We Might Also Become Servants

Many believe that we are the servants of God, but what if it were the other way around?

After 40 years of teaching, visiting, and counseling Christians, Rev. Richard W. Ames knows that there are “gaps” in Biblical knowledge and the expression of that knowledge for many believers, gaps which have also existed in his own faith.

God, Our Servant: That We Might Also Become Servants addresses many of these misconceptions and is geared toward helping those who have faith grow in their understanding of that faith. Take for example the phrase, “All the good people will be in hell, while all the bad people will be in heaven,” which is explored in greater detail within.

Discover the position and attitude God assumes as he works with the sin of every human; He is the servant of the sinner, not his or her master.

About the Author

Rev. Richard W. Ames’ life has been full both of great evil and a working faith. As a youngster, both he and his home were terrible. He was also incarcerated in a Juvenile Detention Center, beaten horribly, his naked body made to parade in front of the other inmates, whose jeers and laughter were humiliating.

When Ames left the center for home, a stranger invited him to Sunday School, and reluctantly, he went. There, he met our Savior and struggled to understand what it all meant.

As Ames grew in faith in Jesus, he met some amazing Christians, who encouraged him to pursue ministry as an important profession. Thereafter, he received BA degrees in theology and psychology, and furthered his education by obtaining an MS degree in Christian counseling, accruing a total of 3,000 hours of clinical education, all of which is accredited.

Published: 2022
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