Getting To Know God More: Revelations He Gave Me From Time Spent With Him

By Amanda L Merten
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Getting To Know God More is a result of what Amanda L Merten received through the Holy Spirit as she spent time alone with God. This time occurred while she was healing from multiple surgeries ranging from a brain operation to a total of nine complete hip replacements, along with other procedures. A few months of residing in a handful of different medical facilities quickly grew into a few years.

It's always interesting to see what God reveals to us if we're quiet enough to pay attention and receive from him.

Merten hopes that this book will introduce God to readers who don't know him, as well as deepen the walk of those who already know him.

About the Author

Amanda L Merten is the Founder and Executive Director of a faith-based nonprofit missionary organization. True Mission Outreach is currently based in South Florida.

Above all else, Merten has a very intense passion for spreading the Gospel to all the earth. TMO has four main pillars that include Evangelism, Discipleship, Social Work, and Counseling. Merten has two very specific daily priorities. One is to continually grow closer to the Lord. The second is to love and serve all of those around her no matter the cost.

Merten enjoys doing art, learning the piano, writing and gardening.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 174