Genesis Too-A Rational Story Of How All Things Began And The Main Events That Have Shaped Our World: A Resolution Of Creationist And Evolutionist Theories Of The Creation Of The Universe

By Rob Ransone
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Genesis Too: A Rational Story of How All Things Began and the Main Events that Have Shaped Our World: A Resolution of Creationist and Evolutionist Theories of the Creation of the Universe

Genesis Too addresses such sensitive issues as: Where did that first particle come from that resulted in the Big Bang and what was it? Why are creationist and evolutionist theories of the Universe both right? Why is there Free Will? Why is there evil in the world? Is God really omnipotent? Was Jesus God’s only son? Is there a heaven or a hell? Why are Islamic terrorists not following the teachings of Muhammad? Why does the US Government only back scoundrels in other countries? Why is Johannes Gutenberg the most important individual who ever lived? Of the American, French, and Russian revolutions, why is the French Revolution the most important? What were the three worst decisions made during World War II? What were the two worst decisions made by US presidents? Why did all 22 US intelligence agencies fail to prevent 9/11, even though the preparations were in plain sight? If we meet aliens from other worlds, will we be the colonists or the Indians? What are the ethics of changing the human genome?

About the Author

Rob Ransone is an aeronautical engineer experienced in research and clear writing, having written more than four dozen technical papers, test plans, test reports, and presentations, for the US Air Force, NASA, industry and academia. He was a Visiting Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at The University of Virginia for three years, and is a lifetime member and Associate Fellow of the American Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Ransone has completed 19 of the Learning Company’s Great Courses, dealing with the Human Body, Cosmology, Theories of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and Particle Physics. He downloaded and studied 491 files from the Internet on subjects germane to this book. His internet source, when available, was Wikipedia provided consistent references and was subject to worldwide review and authentication. Other sources were sometimes contradictory, but he used them when they provided additional information.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 518