Five Irrefutable Problems With Christianity

By Darayah Yahuwdah Bin Yishrayil
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Sit back, settle in, and begin to mentally free yourself from bondage of spiritual, religious, and superstitious ignorance.

A deep dive into the deceptive mind control that Christianity and similar religious and philosophical doctrine has had on the masses, Darayah Yahuwdah Bin Yishrayil’s Five Irrefutable Problems with Christianity contrasts what is generally taught to and believed by the masses with what is actually written in Hebrew Scripture.

Written in a way that is simple and easily understood, Five Irrefutable Problems with Christianity discusses some of the basic fundamentals of Hebrew Scripture while highlighting some of the vital contrasts between Messianic and non-messianic philosophy. Throughout the study, Yishrayil begins the process of proving that the non-messianic philosophy is the better, and that there is no religion greater than Truth. Once Truth is revealed, it frees the mind so the remainder of a person’s life can follow that same path of freedom.

About the Author

Darayah Yahuwdah Bin Yishrayil has devoted many years to personal studies in the areas of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, world religion, and occult and esoteric knowledge, deriving great pleasure in doing so. He was born and raised in a Christian family, becoming a very devout Christian as a young adult, and was baptized and served as a deacon and Sabbath School teacher. Since leaving organized religion, Yishrayil has done similar work.

Yishrayil’s hobbies are in the visual arts, such as sketching, painting, and mixed media, where he focuses predominantly on realism and surrealism.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 76