Fishing With Faith

By Gina Myers DeVries
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Fishing with Faith

Faith and love truly comes a long way.

Born to God-believing parents, Faith May Bakker shared about her life from childhood to adulthood: fishing Michigan Great lakes with her dad and family, growing up with brothers, finding what true friendship means, and her experiences with romantic love.

But her life suddenly took a decisive turn when she noticed herself going downhill in early adulthood. Could it be the secret she had overheard? Would Faith become just another troubled soul?

It was then that she had her awakening and she discoveredand developed her own faith-a strong faith. Eventually, she found the love of her life, received a special gift of love from Heaven, and enjoyed how her family got stronger through faithand fishing.

Fishing with Faith, by Gina DeVries, is a personal story of generations of happiness, familial love, forgiveness, and unquestioning faith.

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Residing in Hudsonville, Michigan, Gina DeVries and husband Doug enjoy taking refuge on the Gem of the Huron- Drummond Island- Gina believes we are here to love, serve, and forgive one another.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 208