Figments Of A Purposeful Imagination

By Peter Chung
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Through 100 brief and insightful vignettes, Chung demonstrates the unexpected yet purposeful things God can do through you. Based on personal experiences and his own musings, the author inspires the reader to consider the interesting parallels to deeper meanings of everyday occurrences and other thought-provoking circumstances. Easy to read, these short pieces linger long after you have finished reading them, making them more satisfying and filling than a decadent dessert or extravagant cup of coffee.

About the Author

Although his background tends more toward the scientific with advanced degrees in chemical and civil engineering, Peter Chung also enjoys simpler pursuits such as hiking, running, and playing the piano. Currently employed as a software developer, Chung began this book as a writing assignment in a class taught by his church pastor. After completing the initial assignment, he continued to write more pieces on his own until he eventually had enough material for this book.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 200