Father, I'm Ready

By David J. Lamson
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Father, I’m Ready addresses the timeless theme of love demonstrated through sacrifice. The biblical story of Jephthah, retold here with imagination and feeling, illustrates that, though a person may feel rejected by others, he need never feel rejected by God. As such, the tale is encouraging and reassuring, in that there is a place in the plan of salvation for everyone.

About the Author

Although not raised in a Christian home, David J. Lamson was born into a Christian heritage. He received Christ at 19 while in the Navy stationed on the island of Guam. He was immediately attracted to the Bible and its insights into spiritual truths.

Lamson became affiliated with The Navigators organization while serving at the Naval Station near San Diego. Feeling the need to become a missionary, he was accepted into the New Tribes Mission. He and his wife were with NTM for 21 years, most of that time in Papua New Guinea. This support ministry kept him quite busy, but his thoughts of writing Father, I’m Ready began there.

After serving with NTM, Lamson had more time to study and put the story of his book together. He and his wife were also able to be near his dad before he died, and now to be close to her parents. They also have time for their hobby of kayaking and kayak fishing on flat water.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 82