Ancient Prayers For Today’s Challenges

By Rev. Larry V. Poole, M.Div.
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Ancient Prayers for Today’s Challenges deals with the importance of inviting God Almighty into our lives for important decision-making. The biblical characters as actual people having to deal with life’s difficulties that they imposed upon themselves makes this book interesting. The ideals and explanations of examples of situations where people of today are having to deal with like challenges as those of the past makes this book relevant. This book states that there is a real living God that cares and listens to us and understands our feelings, thoughts, and needs. The author hopes readers understand that prayer is a cool way of communicating with the creator of us all and he is waiting to help us in our time of need. Just go to him before making life-changing decisions. It just might save us some heartaches.

About the Author

Rev. Larry V. Poole, M.Div. is just thankful.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 206