Adam And Eve For Atheists

By Fred R. Kuester
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This book is inspired by the life and eventual death of author, Fred R. Kuester’s father. He was an atheist who rejected the entire Bible and the existence of God because of what he regarded as the absurdities of the Book of Genesis. In this book the first chapter represents a rational concept that everyone will agree is correct. Thus the title: Adam and Eve for Atheists.

Kuester offers these concepts which he regards as truths: There is an afterlife, and there is a God in charge of that afterlife. He works in ways we can only vaguely comprehend. The prehistory and even some of the history stories in the Holy Bible carry fascinating divine messages that are carried by the story. But they were never meant to be actual precise history. That isn’t how history was recorded in those days. Many of these stories carry useful messages for the people of our modern times.

Kuester would like readers to study these stories, because he feels they matter.

About the Author

Fred R. Kuester is a child of the Great Depression of the 1930s, but there was nothing great about it, as people were truly poor, and there wasn’t money to cover much more than the simplest, basic needs, but through this, Kuester learned to be humble.

As time went by, Kuester managed to graduate from Pulaski High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was able to move on and earn degrees in Forestry form Michigan State University and Auburn University. Foresters do not spend their careers sitting in towers looking for forest fires as many people suppose they do. However, Kuester did spend a lot of time putting out forest fires, and he liked that work.

Regarding the demands of the curriculum, the forestry students did murk their way through some pretty challenging stuff such as statistical analysis of environmental situations. Kuester is quite certain that he coined the expression “delusionary mathematics” described in this book, referring to the use of statistics without degrees of freedom, but fear not-there is no difficult math in this book!

In fact, non of Adam and Eve for Atheists is written in the style the university professors writing to each other. It is written by a non-premier student for understanding almost any level of reading, including professors’. So enjoy!

Published: 2019
Page Count: 98