A Sense Of The Sacred

By Rev. Norman K. Bakken, Ph.D.
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Rev. Norman K. Bakken, Ph.D. gleans from his life all that is simple, all that is delicate, and all that is Sacred.

On life,

Nature has a way of speaking to us when all the world around is quiet, when others are nowhere present and when we, in such moments, pause to listen and to see.

On spirit,

A child avoids reality by dreaming, an adult by idealistic escape, which is never fully overcome or avoided without an understanding that we, too, are part of that reality. Hopefully, someday we will come to our senses, including a sense of the sacred lying at the base of all life.

On our relationship with God,

Now I have been tempted to go too far ahead, to say too little of what is already too much. To be quiet, to be attentive, that, I have learned, is the essence of faith in any tradition.

Published: 2018
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